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I daniel blake

Dear Reader,

I recently viewed the film “I daniel blake”, I have to admit that this is a rather shocking film. It is in some ways a bit like “Threads” which was a science fiction about nuclear warfare. While on a few occasions a scenario like threads came rather close to occurring, thankfully threads remained science fiction rather than science fact.

Sadly while Daniel Blake is likely to not be a real man, the events shown in the film are based on fact. While it is perfectly reasonable that these events have occurred, it is not reasonable that these events should have been allowed to occur in real life.

I have to warn you that like Threads the film is a gloomy film which I think is equally sad. While watching threads I was hoping to be able to dismiss it as exaggeration but in that case as a radiation worker I could not find a major fault in it with which to dismiss it. On the other hand “On the Beach” is riddled with nonsense, but we can save that for another day.

In the film “I Daniel Blake” we see a hardworking man who is forced to down tools because of a serious health issue. Despite the fact that several doctors declare him unfit for work he is told by DWP (Department for Work and Pensions) that he is fit for work.

We also see a woman being forced into prostitution by poverty, this is also clearly not the sort of thing which should be happening in society.

Now while some people might want to ignore or mock this film, I think it is a rather unpleasant but important wake up call for society. I have heard that the UK government are exceptionally displeased about the film, sadly sometimes the news that people need to hear is not the news that they want to hear !

I hold the view that a safety net should exist for those who have fallen on hard times, despite what some people might say, think, or think that they know this safety net is not a comfortable hammock. I also find it interesting that in society a large series of hue and crys have existed against the benefits cheat while adverts suggesting that people should try to turn in tax cheats are much more rare. It is noteworthy that a typical tax cheat costs society more than one of the rare benefits cheats.


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