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Social Care after the Grenfell Fire

Dear Reader,

It has come to my attention that a claim has been made that people who survived the Grenfell fire are being forced to live under very difficult conditions, as I like to think I am a good scientist I then looked for other reports (from other news outlets) regarding the treatment of the people who survived the fire. I think found this report in a newspaper which suggests that the state has failed to look after these people. While the two reports are not saying totally the same thing, the content of the two do not contradict each other.

The problem I see is that people who are already poor have had to flee with all their ID papers, keys and wallets left behind in the burning building. Surely something should be done to look after their dietary and other needs in the days after this fire debacle. I also have ask how on earth can anyone cope with only £10 a day in London if they have not been able to prepare to have to dash out of their home and not come back.

Regardless of what you think of the Chef Jamie Oliver has did make a kind offer of food and drink to the people. It is interesting that even the right wing “newspaper” (The Daily Mail) has been critical of the response.

I note that during the Vietnam war that when a US airliner (packed with US military personnel) ended up having to make a landing in the Soviet Union that the Soviets did provide them with food, drink and even cigarettes. I hold the view that if the Soviets would do that for a bunch of capitalists during the height of the cold war then surely the UK goverment can do better for the Grenfell residents.

The issue of the cladding has become even more “interesting”, interesting in a rather bad way, with a claim that the cladding was not legal for use for the purpose which it was used for. I am unable to assign blame here as my blog is not a court of law, but this claim if it is true could set the stage for a rather important court case.


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