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London attacks

Dear Reader,

It has come to my attention that a group of men drove a white van into people last night at 10 pm UK time (11 pm Europe time) and then carried out a knife attack. I will not attempt to try to compete with the news outlets such as the BBC, the reason is that Dr Foreman does not have a large team of people writing and looking around for information.

I am deeply troubled and unhappy that a group of people should choose to commit such an outrage. I have to ask the question of how can a person make the whole world convert to a religion if they murder everyone who does not practice their religion ? I imagine that the world would become a very empty place if this was taken to its perverse conclusion. I know that people differ in their views and opinions, normally I think that a better way to get the world to agree with you is to persuade people using facts and good arguments for why they should agree with you rather than attempting to change opinion by violence and threats.

What I find interesting and disturbing is that Donald Trump has been reported to have called for a travel ban as a response to the event. I have to question the wisdom of such a ban, Trump wants to restrict travel from 6 countries which are mainly muslim for “national security” reasons. I have to ask if such a travel ban would do any good as terrorists often are willing to break the law and travel using false papers.

Equally troubling I have discovered that some people in the UK are calling for the election to be canceled. One Mark Oxley has been reported by the Daily Mail to have started a petition with the words “to call off the general election for the foreseeable future”. I think that it would be wrong to cancel the election for a series of reasons.

  1. While the event in London is deeply offensive and an attack on British society it is not a sufficient threat to require that democracy be suspended. The IRA bombing and shootings in the past did not make the UK give up democracy, so why should we now give up on it !
  2. Aborting the election would give the terrorists a great victory, they would know in future that by means of violence they can make the British give up on democracy.
  3. The police, security services and the military may be needed to prevent or to mitigate terrorism, the operation of these three things will not (and can not) be changed quickly on a day to day basis by the goverment in Whitehall.

I would suggest that the UK should go ahead with the election later this coming week.


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