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Gun safety

Dear Reader,

It is the “end of school” time now, and I am sure many schools are now finishing for the year. There are lots of people who are now finishing school and they are getting ready to move on with the rest of their lives. Sadly in one case a young lady will not be moving on with her life to new and interesting things. She is dead, her boyfriend shot her in the torso in an “accident” with a new gun.

I have to ask the question “was it a true accident ?”, I hold the view that very few gun accidents are events which are truly outside the control of the person owning or holding the gun. In some ways a gun is a very safe object, it is a length of metal pipe. An unloaded gun could be used to knock nails into walls (if you do not care about the damage to the gun that you might do if you use something like a revolver as a hammer). But a loaded gun is a rather dangerous object.

I strongly in favor of drop tests for guns which are likely to be carried while loaded and other tests designed to check to see if such guns will discharge when dropped or otherwise abused. I hold the view that in common with X-ray and industrial gamma radiography equipment that guns / holsters should be designed such that a single inadvertent act can not issue forth bullets or gamma / X-ray photons. One which I think is a smart design is the “grip safety” which is used on some pistols intended for police officers. The idea is that unless a human hand is holding the gun it can not function. For example the french MAB pistols had this feature. Sadly I have never heard of a “nonidiot safety“, this would be one which disables the pistol unless it is being held in the hand of a sober, sensible adult.

I would like to suggest that Twitter should be fitted with an anti-idiot lock, also hold the view that the US goverment needs a similar idiot lock. I find it interesting that their current president is using devolved powers to reject a treaty on climatic change. But I find it interesting that Mr Obama used similar powers to avoid having to use the US parliament for ratification of it. But two wrongs do not make a right, if I was to have a good reason to want the USA to withdraw from the Paris Agreement I would want to do it via their parliament (house and senate) rather than using a devolved power as it is harder to challenge the use of parliament than the use of devolved power and for public relations reasons. But now back to the topic of gun safety.

But even a gun which can not pass a “drop test” will not discharge a bullet if it is dropped when it is unloaded.

I know that guns divide opinion very strongly and some people feel such a strong attachment to their guns that they will resist any attempt at gun control (both unreasonable and reasonable curbs on the ownership / use of guns). But Mark Foreman PhD is able to issue a proscription that will prevent the vast majority of gun mayhem caused by “accidents”. I hope that my advice will be acceptable to both the antigun lobby and the pro gun lobby. I hold the view that Smith and Wesson, Colt, Winchester and the NRA want to avoid accidents with guns.

1. Never point the thing (loaded or otherwise) at other people, animals, valuable property, pets or yourself. Always keep it pointing in a safe direction such as into the floor, into a solid stone wall, a bank of earth or at an oil drum filled with sand which is standing in front of a concrete wall. OK we will ignore the moment when hunting when you might point it at that deer or wild bore.

Now lets assume that your gun goes off “by magic” while you are pointing it in the safe direction. Then if we consider a single 38 bullet then according to a recent test it will pass through about 6 inches of pine wood. Even if the bullet manages to pass through 6 inches of pine it will be travelling much slower and thus will be less likely to cause death / serious injury if it hits some random person. For higher energy pistol bullets and rifles I would expect them to be more able to pass through pine wood and other building materials.

2. Treat all guns as loaded until you know otherwise.

When you pick up a gun assume that it is loaded until you check for yourself that it is not. If you do not know how to do this, then either have nothing to do with guns or learn quickly how to safely check if a gun is loaded or not.


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