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Synthetic cannabinoids vs PCP

Dear Reader,

Sadly it has come to my attention that a couple in the USA rather than having the good sense to either go home to a bedroom, rent a hotel room or hide inside something like Ford transit van decided to have sex in the car park of a restaurant. Secondly it appears that both of them may well have been high on something which lower inhibitions. The “young lady” in a rather unladylike manner did some things which I will not discuss further. While her lover was reported to have blank stares and to have made animal noises (<sarcasm>Oh how romantic !</sarcasm>).

The Daily mail got things wrong by commenting that the man was arrested for having PCP on him stating that it is synthetic marijuana. Trust me it is not ! PCP is a rather nasty drug which is phencyclidine (Angel dust) which is a dissociative hallucinogen.

There are some very different molecules which are very different to PCP such as JWH-018 which bind to the same receptor as THC does. These are what are often sold as “synthetic marijuana”. I regard them as a very nasty class of drugs, if you are stupid enough to consider taking one of them then I suggest you watch this US Navy film about the story of the sailor who takes spice.

While those twits who are considering doing “bath salts” should watch this one !

As the military doctors in the film saym “its not worth it”.


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