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Is vapping safe ? Maybe not.

Dear Reader,

It has come to my attention that electronic cigarettes emit a range of nasty chemicals, while the chemicals might be different to those emitted by conventional cigarettes they still have the potential to cause serious diseases such as cancer.

I would like to suggest to my readers that they abstain from both conventional and electronic cigarettes. These electronic gadgets have been found to form epoxides which are alkylation agents which can damage DNA. The epoxides include propylene oxide and glycidol. Below on the left is shown glycidol (oxiran-2-ylmethanol) while on the right is shown propylene oxide (2-methyloxirane).


The study which I have seen reviewed reported that nicotine, nicotyrine, formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, glycidol, acrolein, acetol, and diacetyl were all observed in the “smoke” from an e-cigarette. If you want to see the paper then look here.

The core idea in the paper is that the solvents (glycerol and propylene glycol) can decompose to form toxic substances when heated by the electric heater used in the e-cigg. The problem is that while it is safe to drink moderate amounts of glycerol or propylene glycol it is possible by heating to convert these food safe chemicals into toxic products.


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