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Song for Brit exiters

Dear Reader,

It has come to my attention that the general public have voted for the UK to leave the EU. Myself and others hold the view that the public was lied to by the leave side who told were dishonest about a range of things including the amount of money they could transfer to the NHS by quitting the EU.

I am also shocked that in some poor areas of the UK that many people voted to leave, their reaction was something along the lines of “We are leaving the EU, but we will still keep our EU subsidy”. To my mind it is a totally crazy idea, it would be like me going to see my head of department having a flaming row with him, then quitting and then expecting to continue to collect my salary from where I work.

Now it gets a bit worse, I have heard reports of Poles being subjected to racial abuse. I hold the view that without the Poles the UK might well have lost world war two. Two major issues spring to mind, while Alan Turing broke the German enigma code he broke an advanced version of it. The Polish code breakers had already broken an earlier version of it. The Poles provided details of how they did it to the British, this would have been a great help for the British code breakers.

Also a large number of brave Poles flew combat missions for the RAF in spitfires and hurricanes during the battle of Britain along with Czechs and Slovaks. To my mind their courage in defending someone else’s home land is a beautiful thing which should be admired. I am having difficulty writing this post right now as I feel the strong emotion of admiration welling up inside me. The idea of these brave men risking their lives for strangers is truly a noble thing.

I have lived in the Czech Republic, and I can tell you it is a land of great beauty in which I got to know many very fine people. I country in which I learned a lot about what freedom truly means.

My reaction to people abusing Poles brings me great distress, I was also displeased to discover that a cultural centre built in memory of these men has been vandalized. My latest disgusting shock was when I discovered a group of men in Drury Lane had been singing a song expressing their hatred of Poles and gays. I will not be repeating this vile song here. But here is my suggestion for Brit-Exiters to sing.

Rule Britannia!
Britannia rules the waves!
First we left the EU
Now we shall truly pay !

Rule Britannia!
Britannia rules the waves!
Out of folly we chose to leave
Now we shall truly pay !

Rule Britannia!
Britannia rules the waves!
We threw away our best chance
Now we shall truly pay !

Regarding the idea of a UK without the gay community, I think it would be deeply wrong and a bad idea to persecute or try to get rid of this fraction of society. Now we should not pretend that all gays and lesbians are geniuses or are super talented. But the idea of a UK turning its back on the likes of Francis Bacon, Robert Rinder QC and Alan Turing is truly stupid.

It is suspected that Alan Turing’s code breaking work had a great effect on world war two. If we ignore the moral issues associated with excluding homosexuals from public life or even the UK as a whole, the idea of getting rid of the gay community is about as clever and logical as the idea of a UK without heterosexuals, biologists, people with brown hair, brown bread eaters or people who know how to drive manual transmission cars.


Go on, Have your say !

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