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Legal high, more like legal menace

Dear Reader,

It has come to my attention and that of Mr J. Kyle (Jeremy Kyle) that a series of rather nasty drugs have been offered for sale to the general public. These drugs of abuse are being sold as “research chemicals” to the general public, I would like to know why a member of the general public would want an exotic organic compound added to some incense for research experiments. I looked on line at one supplier of such “research chemicals“, for both legal reasons and public protection reasons I will not name the supplier. One partcularly nasty example of such a bogus research chemical is sold as exodus damnation, I looked up the chemical in question.

The supplier claims that their product contains two compounds which are close analouges of something which has been known for years to be a mimic of a set of cannabinoids originally made by John W. Huffman. For public safety reasons I will not name the two compounds.

I have read in Chemistry world that the UK goverment are proposing a law to deal more quickly with this modern scourge, the idea is create a new offense of ‘supplying a substance intended for human consumption that is capable of producing a psychoactive effect’. A blanket ban will be imposed on the supply of such substances unless the substance is exempted in the law. For example coffee (caffine), beer (alcohol) and tobacco (nicotine) will be exempted in the proposed law.

We will have to want and see what happens, but it is safe to say that such a new law might well make it much harder for the sellers of legal highs to ply their disgusting trade. One problem I see with the proposed law is the sale of substances which are not intended for human consumption. Will the “not for human comsumption” be misused as a loophole for those who want to sell “legal highs” and also will the new law generate a new burden for the decent law abiding people who happen to need substances which happen to be psychoactive for industrial or lab uses. For example almost all NMR spectra are recorded in chloroform and many people doing metal anaylisis need nitrous oxide for AAS machines. We will have to see how the proposed law works out.


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