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Microscope and more on the islands of stability

Dear Reader,

I bought a microscope today at Lidl, it was a German microscope (BioLux Bresser). When I get the chance I will try it out and tell you people what I can see. The nice thing is that this microscope has a USB camera which comes with it.

But before I get onto that, here are some pictures of the island of stability which I plotted. I have ploted the neutron and proton numbers on the horizontal scales and on the verical scale the log (base ten) of the half life in seconds. I have ignored all nuclides which have half lives shorter than 1 second.

Here are the pictures.

island 1 island 2 island 3 island 4 island 5 island 6 island 7 island 8 island 9 island 10 island 11 island 12


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