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Oh so crazy

Dear Reader,

Sometimes I find things which are so far out that they need to be commented on as they are so totally crazy. The latest way to push the crazy envelope is the research of a postgrad in Lagos who claims to have used his understanding of magnets to prove that homosexuality is immoral.

I was stunned when I saw this, to my mind it is a totally crazy idea. I would like to ask if the fact that it is possible to bond two atoms of the same element together (elemental chlorine is Cl-Cl) proves that homosexuality is not abnormal. I would say it does not prove that homosexuality is immoral or not, the great problem that Mr Amalaha has failed to consider is that magnets, photons, molecules and atoms are amoral.

The molecules in a flask in my lab do not care what my sexual orientation or moral state is, I could be the most immoral person in the world (doing things which I dare not describe on this blog as it is a family show) but the chemicals in my lab (and the magnets in the lab also) would behave the same way as if I was the most moral and upright person in the whole world.

Some years ago the late Eric Laithwaite wrote a book on electrical machines which I read, he considered the following. Take a bar magnet, then attach two paper clips to it at one end. Then to these paper clips attach two more. The induced magnetic poles should repel each other. But it is possible to add a 5th clip which links the two strings of clips together. This last clip stays there as it improves the magnetic circuit. I would like to know if Mr Amalaha is able to explain the moral state of this magnetic experiment. This experiment at first glance suggests that like poles attract (but there is more to it than first appears). I think that his ideas are as stupid as they are offensive.

A magnetic experiment written about by Eric Laithwaite

A magnetic experiment written about by Eric Laithwaite

It is stupid to try to use the laws of nature to prove if something is moral or immoral, nature does not care about morals.


5 Responses

  1. Probably before your time in Sweden, but the following clip is from a debate in Riksdagen about the legalization of “Registrerat partnerskap” (an earlier version of gay marriage) when a member of the party Ny Demokrati added his five cents to the debate:

    By the way, playing with Neodynium magnets is a good cure against the notion by those who believe in Intelligent Design that complex patterns in nature do not evolve spontaneously.

    • Who is the man in the film and what is he doing thesedays ?

      • Here you find more information about his career:

  2. When I saw this, my first thought was how ridiculous it was. But then I wondered if it was attempted as satire. If not, then I wonder how Mr Amalaha would react if it was pointed out that he appears to have justified necrophilia (because living people are different to dead people, and so should be attracted to them, not to other living people), bestiality (because humans are different to animals, and so should be attracted to them, not to other humans), dandophilia (because humans are different to plants, and should be attracted to them, not to other plants) and probably any other sexual behavior that he would have decried as abnormal.

    A bit like people who think the monogamous behaviour of penguins is a clear demonstration by nature of what’s right, who conveniently overlook the counter-example of the mallard duck.

    • Well I had not considered the idea of the magnet study being applied to the pairing of humans with plants, while a sexual attraction of a person towards a plant is not impossible I think it would be deeply disturbing. Something which I would rather not consider.

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