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Bashing WHO and ICRP, is it the latest bloodsport ?

Dear Reader,

I hope that the vast majority of my readers will agree with me that some cruel “sports” such as dog fighting, cock fighting and bear baiting are clearly wrong. These are “sports” which revolve around wanton acts against things which can not protect themselves. In recent times people have become less trusting of authority, a series of national organisations exist which answer to governments which are democratically elected. So it can be reasoned that if a national body acts in a dire way that the people can exert pressure on it through the democratic process to get it replaced or fixed.

Also a series of international bodies exist which answer to national governments, many of these bodies answer to the UN. The problem with the UN is that it needs to have policies which keep all the members happy (or at least almost all the members). But again a UN body does via a rather convoluted way answer to the general public. My lawyer told me international law is a funny thing, it can only exist by agreement between

Those who are less trusting of authority are more likely to believe in conspiracy theories, the problem with some conspiracy theories is that anyone who objects to them and states that they think it is not true is demonized by those who believe as being an agent of the conspiracy. I hold the view that with the right combination of ideas a conspiracy theory can be made from nothing. A fun game for teenagers (and adults) is consequences, we can do the same for conspiracy theories. We could make a conspiracy theory generator which would be loaded with phrases which would be randomly combined.

How about pick a selection of the following people in the list

A disgraced dentist
A disgruntled vet
The park keeper
A military officer
The local policeman
The midwife
A renegade priest
Aliens from planet Mars
The university academic
The local dairy farmer
The UN
The Russians
The national government

Next choose a place

Moon base on the far side of the moon
Westminster (in a basement under the house of commons)
A top secrete bunker in the woods
A university hospital
A canned herring factory
The fertility clinic
A deprived inner city housing estate
A house of ill repute
The old people’s home
A harmless looking house in rural Sweden
That funny looking beach hut at X
A back room in a nightclub
The crypt of a church

Now choose an activity

Poisoning cinema popcorn with LSD
Implanting alien babies into unsuspecting women
Testing drugs on the general public
Growing dangerous plants
Adding chemicals to the public water supply
Putting chemicals into the air
Turning the local children into zombies
Making a quick profit while endangering the public
Recycling people into takeaway meals
Inducing cancer in people
Experimenting with a death ray

Given a few goes you will end up with a conspiracy theory, I suspect that given a suitable combination of phrases you might create a conspiracy theory which captured the concerns of a large minority in society. Evidence is not likely to be needed for this theory, the lack of evidence is likely to be viewed by some as evidence that the people in the conspiracy are very good at keeping it quiet. For many of the people who believe in these conspiracy theories things are a bit like they were in the bad old days in the Soviet Union where dissidents were put in mental hospitals, there the attitude of the “doctors” was “the absence of symptoms of an illness can not prove the absence of the illness itself”.

One conspiracy theory which refuses to go away and die is the one about the WHO and the IAEA pact.

In recent times claims have been made that the World Health Organisation has entered into a Faustian pact with the International Atomic Energy Authority. This claim is a serious accusation of a grave misdeed, the claim is that the IAEA has silenced the WHO and it promoting nuclear power at the expense of the health of the general public. The problem is that I have never seen any evidence shown that suggests something bad is going on with the IAEA and WHO. I note that some of the claims being made about the IAEA, WHO and ICRP are possible libels under English law.

I think one common problem is that when people hear “atomic energy” they think nuclear power (electric power production), I know that when the IAEA was started one of its goals was to promote the use of “atomic energy”. But if you look at the work of the IAEA you will see things which have nothing to do with nuclear electric power production. For example the IAEA give advice on how to work out the age of underground water supplies, they give advice on medical uses of radiation and they give advice and help on radiation safety. But the big one for me is the work of one “atomic energy” company, AECL (Atomic Energy of Canada Limited). One of the products which they used to make are gamma irradiators for processing medical products, the making of these gadgets is now done by Norion, but it does show that there is much more than nuclear power plants in the world of “atomic energy”.

I think that the people who go on about the evils of the IAEA being a pronuclear organisation are either stuck in the past or are playing word gymnastics to justify their mistaken point of view. Back in the 1950s a nuclear utopia was seen by many, it was expected that we would be riding around in nuclear powered cars and trains by the 1990s. But the technology never was used for these things, maybe some of the documents from the early IAEA were from this age. It is unreasonable to judge the modern IAEA by the views and goals of some of the founding fathers of the organisation.

The reason why I hold the view that bashing bodies such as the WHO, IAEA, ICRP etc is a cruel blood sport is that in todays political climate where facts are not as important as “feelings” and spin doctors seem to spin innuendos in a split second which either take months or years to dismantle. Worse in some cases it is impossible to the smeared party to ever fully clear their name. It is a bloodsport because the wronged party is not able to protect its self, I will comment later on this type of conduct.

Like the chemtrails many attempts to answer the claims of the people holding extreme views and explain what is happening have lead to the conspiracy theory holders interpreting the denial as part of a coverup. I am waiting for my first bit of hate mail, but I am going to take a preventative action. I am going on the record here and telling you my reader that I am not being paid by the IAEA, BNFL or any other nuclear organisation to write this stuff. The only reason I write this stuff is when I see a whole pile of nonsense I feel the need to take action.

Also if any of my readers can catch any pronuclears or radsafers in the act of pulling the wool over the eyes of the public, then please tell me. If you provide me with clear and concise evidence, I will pick through it and then if there is something I will then blog about it. When it comes to poking fun at stupid stuff or denouncing nonsense I am a equal opportunities blogger, no patent nonsense is off limits for me.


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