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T4 rides again ?

Dear Reader,

It has come to my attention that a British Politian (Councillor Colin Brewer) has been repeating the same arguments which were used to justify the T4 murder program in Nazi Germany. Rather than use the language of the Nazis and call the killing of a disabled child as a “mercy killing”, I am not going to beat around the bush. I am going to call it what it is, it is the “murder of a child”.

Hitler and the other Nazis spoke of “life unworthy of life” and the vile mistreatment of the disabled resulted in one of the war crimes trials which occurred after world war two. It is important to understand that Nazi war crimes and the death camps were not just crimes against the jewish population. In those times vile crimes were committed against other groups whose suffering was the result of equally barbaric crimes.

I see a danger that if too few people see sense and understand the vile gravity of the killing of children by the state (as a means of avoiding the cost of taking care of them) that we could sleepwalk into the depravity which was practised by people such as August Becker (gas van inventor) and Josef Mengele (death camp “doctor”). The human race needs to take care to avoid a repletion of these horrors which were visited on the human race during the 1930s and 1940s.

It troubles me that a man in 21st century England can think that it is acceptable to kill off the disabled simply to save some money. It has been reported that he has suffered from some strokes, I would like to know if his comments are a result of his strokes or did he hold these views before it happened. If these comments are due to a change in personality due to the strokes then I feel that he is deserving of some pity. The idea of a man with a damaged brain who has become immoral or inhumane as a result is a deeply sad matter, I do not know what they right things is to do with such a person but I hope that such a disabled man would have sympathy for other disabled people.

However if he held these repulsive views before the strokes then I have less sympathy for him, if the latter is the case then I think he should resign and he should be prosecuted for incitement to hatred.


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