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Send Assange to the land of Volvos and meatballs !

Dear Reader,

I has come to my attention that Mr Assange has just made a statement in London, I am waiting for a chance to see the text of speech.

I would like to point out that Mr Assange (and his wikileaks) is trying to campaign for everything to be dealt with in an open and transparent manner. While the legal process regarding sexual crime is quite rightly not conducted in a totally open manner (The name of the victims are never released into the public domain).

I would say that in the interests of openness and transparency that Mr Assange face his accusers in a real court and interview room rather than in the court of public opinion. I have been advised by my legal advisor that in Sweden the law is such that some interviews must occur in Sweden.

I have been told that a person who is accused of a crime in Sweden needs to attend a meeting with the police and other officials from the state. This meeting is similar in some ways to when a person appears in a UK magistrates court, while I think it is possible for a magistrate to hold a court meeting in a place in the UK such as a hospital ward it is very rare for such a thing to happen. Also I do not think it would be reasonable or legal for a UK magistrate to go to Sweden to interview a person there, in the same way it is not reasonable for the Swedish legal system to try to do something similar in the UK.

I think it would be best for all if Mr Assange was to come to the land of meatballs and Volvos to face the legal system here. If he did not force himself on the two women then.

1. He will get acquitted

2. If he gets the unfair trial he so fears or is packed off to the US, he will score a massive public relations and moral goal against the “USA” which he so fears and wants to show to be so unfair. (I think that Mr Assange not the Swedes or the US are in the wrong)

I hold the view that if he appears in a Swedish court he will get fair and reasonable treatment. If they find him guilty then he will be sent away to a holiday camp (Swedish prison) for some years. If he is acquitted then he will have plenty to write and talk about.


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