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The right to roam into a nuclear site ?

Dear Reader,

It has come to my attention that some tourists have been indulging in some outdoor activities which sadly have got them into trouble. Now for those of you who have not lived in Sweden, I need to tell you about the general right to go anywhere in the country side. Unlike the UK any person in Sweden can go for a walk anywhere in the country side, this is known as allemansrätten which even gives you the right to take wild fruit from land which you do not own.

However the allemansrätten is not a license to do as you like in the country side, for example I can not pitch my tent in next door’s garden. One of the key ideas behind the way in which people in Sweden behave when using the allemansrätten rights is the idea that you should not damage anything or disrupt the lawful activities of the landowner or another person. For example I should not trample over a field of wheat and disrupt the farmer’s crop growing by walking all over his/her plants.

I would also like to point out that some sites are restricted places which the allemansrätten does not apply to, for example the vault at a bank is not a place I can just stroll in and out of, also the King’s palace is a place which is restricted and also nuclear sites are restricted. A less grand place which is also restricted is next door’s kitchen, the allemansrätten does not allow me to gather frozen berries from their freezer, nor does it allow me to go rock climbing on their roof.

I have read that some of these nature walkers have been using ladders to bypass some fences at a outdoor leisure site in the east of Sweden, sadly they choose the wrong site. I also note that a simple ladder does not give you a good view of nature or a very challenging climb. I would like to respectfully suggest in future that these nature walkers sign up for a session of via ferrata, rock climbing or perhaps they should just go hill walking in the lake district.

The ladder is too easy a thing to climb and it is unlikely to give a person much of a feeling of satisfaction, I suggest that a tree, climbing wall or rockface would be better.

While doing via ferrata, rock climbing or hill walking does provide you with a very enjoyable view, sadly going over the fence at Forsmark park does attract the attentions of the boys in blue. I have heard that the climbers are to appear before the beak to explain themselves. I think that their deeds are somewhat more serious than sneaking onto a via ferrata route without paying. I have to agree with the sentiment expressed at “Nuclear Power yes Please” that the best way to visit this park is to phone up and ask them to let you in via the front door rather than risking damaging your clothing while climbing the fence.

I would be interested to know what these nature walkers have done with their ladders after their trip to the park, I could always do with an extra ladder for working on fruit trees or the side of my house.

Another group of nature walkers have also misunderstood the allemansrätten rules at a park south of Sweden, this park is a seaside site which commands impressive views of the sea. Here the nature walkers were using metal work tools on the fence. I think that they have very much misunderstood the right and wrong place to do some recreational metal work. If you want to do some modern art using metal work tools or some other recreational metal work, I suggest that you buy metal work tools from the wonderful choice at the Swedish hardware shops and the go home and try some amateur blacksmithing or for those with a more down to earth point of view then perhaps you could do some DIY home repairs or improvements.

On a more serious note, I would like to know if the Greenpeace people are trying to commit “suicide by cop”. The core thesis in the “suicide by cop” is that a person does something which causes a police officer (or another person) to fear for his life (or the lives of others) then the police officer then uses deadly force to stop the person. Thus the person (who was unable or unwilling to kill themselves) gets to commit suicide by proxy. I think it is only a matter of time before a greenpeace activist is seriously injured or killed during an illegal entry into a nuclear site, I think it is time for greenpeace to call time on this irresponsible behaviour.

Now those of you who are greenpeace members or even activists who are reading this, I have something to say to you. I care for the environment, but I insist on truth and responsibility. While some of what greenpeace has done (like saving the whales) I strongly agree with, the antinuclear campaigning (and the antichlorine campaign) are the height of folly. To my mind they are both examples of eclipses of reason, in both cases the credibility of the green movement in my mind has been dragged through the mud by no one other than the Green movement themselves.

In the case of chlorine, I freely admit that there are some very horrible chemicals which have chlorine in them but on the other hand their are some substances with chlorine in which are benign and very important for our health. Greenpeace fell into one of the most basic traps documented in the book straight and crooked thinking, of confusing some with all. For an organisation who are claiming to be given out advice based on science and reason they should be deeply ashamed of that episode. The current antinuclear campaigns seem to be the product of the same type of bad thinking.


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