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blogs for students to read ?

Dear Reader,

I saw an interesting idea which is that PhD students should cite blogs, while I have no problem with the idea of people referencing to interesting sources (I cited a man working in an american state government who has responsibility for keeping the air clean) but there is a great need to be careful to understand that not all sources are born equal. Some are more trustworthy than others.

While I like to think that this blog is unbiased and that I only offer an expert opinion on things which I know about. I have to warn my reader that not all blogs are unbiased and a lot of spout off on things which they either do not understand or have no knowledge of.

I am tempted to give some examples but because I do not have the time or energy for dealing with the angry people (or some half baked nonsense court case which it might provoke) I will not be naming names right now. If I did then I would then have less time to blog for my readers. I do not blog every day because when I have an interesting story I like to check it out and find out how reasonable it is. Sadly as a result of my care in blogging some posts never see the light of day, but I hope that I do make some of you happy (and maybe even educate a few people).


4 Responses

  1. It is nice to find some intelligent content for once, I reaaly am
    getting tired of the retarded drivel I come across recently, thank you.

  2. I gotta admit, I am more angered by the “generic commenter” than by the more obvious spammer.
    Why? you might ask, at least the spammer is completely open and honest about their spam!
    We can see what they are doing. The generic spammer is
    a con man and a fake! You can probably spot that I have very strong opinions towards this group of spammers

  3. I hope that you will be elaborating a little more
    on this issue. I was hoping for a tad more information.

  4. Informative posting! Good to see someone that really knows what it
    is all about and can additionally produce exellent blog
    for us visitors. Definitely looking forward to your next article.

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