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I’m not bad it was cauliflower cheese which made me do it !

Dear Reader,

I am about to be a little politically incorrect, so those of you of a nervous disposition should go and hide behind the sofa.

Now and then people do things which shock and horrify us, these things which also greatly displease us. For example Ted Bundy went around killing young ladies and more recent Anders Behring Breivik killed about 70 people in Norway. Frankly I think if we were to have a yearly poll to choose the worst person in Scandinavian society then his name would be at the top of the list. Frankly I think he might “win” a contest to choose the worst Scandinavian of the decade or even century.

Now it is important at this stage to be careful to avoid being sucked into the trap of “I am not so bad after all, it was XXXXX which made me do it”. I hold the view that many people choose to do things which they know they should not do, but they choose to do it anyway. In the same way as porn did not make Ted kill young women the video games did not make Anders Behring Breivik shot and bomb his way into infamy !

The thing is that many people do not want to accept responsibility for their misdeeds, and other people do not want to accept the idea that a “normal” person did something which shocked them. There is a great movement to blame all crime on mental health problems, porn, TV, rap music and video games.

While there might be some occasional crimes which are committed as a result of insanity, some porn using inadequates may commit horrible crimes, some TV viewers may commit crimes (like watching TV without a license in the UK), some rap music might be a crime against good taste (and my ears) and some video games might be violent or make my blood boil (missing my top score in tetris irks me) but a wilful choice needs to be made before most crimes are committed.

I know that some people are already talking about the idea that video games made Breivik commit his vile deeds, but as someone else pointed out that people do not think that all people who get done for speeding have done it because they have played racing games. The yahoo blogger has written it in a far better way than I could so I would suggest you go and see his article.


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