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Deeply wrong court case

Dear Reader,

It has come to my attention that a British court has ruled that British man is to be sent to the USA for doing something which was not a crime under UK law while he was in the UK ! What the man did was to publish a list of sites where a person can watch pirated films.

Now to be frank with you I think that the US authority have no valid case for asking for the man, if the man is sent to the USA then I should get rid of the wine and cider in my house just in case an arab country like Saudi Arabia asks for me for having broken their law (but neither Swedish or British) by having alcohol in my house.

Also most of the members of the NRA (National Rifle Association) along with Micheal Francis Moore need to be sent to the UK for trial and punishment for having guns without a UK FAC (Fire Arms Certificate), the film “Bowling for Columbine” clearly shows Mr Moore getting a gun from a man at a bank, I strongly suspect that he lacks the FAC needed to legally have the gun in the UK. He did show his film in the UK so if we apply the reasoning of the courts regarding the first case then the 1968 firearms act in the UK should be used on him.

Now before we get going I would like to point out that I think that people should respect copyright and not try to steal the bread from another by stealing copyright. But there comes a point where the cure is worse than the disease.

I would like to point out that in the USA people have freedom of speech which protects the following

A book which teaches you how to make a silencer for a gun (published by George Hayduke, Paladin Press in Boulder [Colorado]), now I hate to have to tell you but I think that a book which praises firearms criminals who vandalise things with guns or mow down harmless birds and teaches you how to make near silent guns is a greater threat to the general public than a thousand lists of illegal movies.

The americans have also allowed the publication of “The Poor Man’s James Bond”, “The Anarchist Cookbook”, “Screw Unto Others: Revenge Tactics For All Occasions”, “High-Tech Harassment How To Get Even With Anybody, Anytime”, “Advanced Techniques of Clandestine Psychedelic & Amphetamine Manufacture”  and a series of other joyous books which I am so sure that sensible people would rather their children are not reading. If you do not guess why each book has clear misuse potential then I suggest you google the title.

I reason that if we allow the publication of this library of amoral or immoral books then we should allow people to publish lists of illegal film and file sites.


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