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Something to consider watching

Dear Reader,

To be frank an absolute storm is starting to occur in France. It is all about a documentary film about autism in France. A women interviewed a series of professionals, three of these professionals are trying to sue her claiming that she has distorted their words. Unless the film maker has done a technically excellent hatchet job of editing these people to make them look like crazy monsters, it appears that some of the people interviewed in the film have some rather odd ideas.

I have seen some of the film and what I saw shocked me, there is a lady (Dr Genevie Loison) who is shown coming out with some odd ideas . Her comments are about the mother being a crocodile, that if children put their hands in the croc’s mouth then it is very bad, she also makes some statements about your father’s privates and the croc’s mouth. She also feels good when children beat the living daylights out of the croc.

I would sincerely like to know if Dr Genevie Loison stands by these ideas or has Sophie stitched her up with clever editing ? Are the ideas about the croc part of Freudian psychology ? I frankly do not know exactly what is and is not part of Freudian psychology but I do know something about Freud as a man.

My issue with the work of Sigmund Freud is that he was a drug abuser who seems to obsess on sexual matters and the urge to be great. I would like to point out that it is common knowledge that Freud was a cocaine abuser who may have had a rather unwholesome sex life. He wrote papers about the joys of doing cocaine, while he might have done some interesting work I have to ask if we should trust a cocaine abuser who has sex with his wife’s sister.

I would strongly suggest to my readers that they read the review of a book by Ms Thornton and this discussion about the “great man’slife.

I would like to suggest that you might want to tune in to see a press conference about a court case which is coming up soon about Sophie Robert’s film. The court is likely to give a judgement this week.


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