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Down with Halloween !

Dear Reader,

I am rather unhappy about the idea of trick or treating, the idea of children knocking on stranger’s doors and asking for sweets while suggesting that they may vandalise or otherwise cause trouble if they do not get what they want is a very bad idea.

1. What about the rights of people not to have these threatening beggars on their doorsteps ?

2. What if someone started to serve up poisoned candy ? (Note that few if any cases of poisoned Halloween sweets have been documented)

3. What if the person answering the door was a child abuser looking for the next child to kidnap ?

I have heard that a Prof (David Zald) sets up a fear lab every year, but recently I have heard about something more interesting. It involves something which most children hate, the humble sprout. What one person does is to serve up chocolate coated brussel sprouts. One blogger suggests putting them in an old Ferrero Rocher packet ! I thought that the Ferrero Rochers are much smaller than sprouts. But maybe you could cook other smaller vegetables and then coat them in chocolate.

Back to chemistry, I have looked at the literature and I have found that sprouts contain sinigrin and progoitrin. I have already looked up the structure of sinigrin and I am looking into the chemistry of progoitrin. These chemicals are glucosinolates (sugars), I will do some research and get back to you all. In the mean time if anyone has a good recipe for chocolate coated vegetables then please tell me by posting a comment.


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