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Good news, bad news for Dr Susan Burton

I saw this blog advertised in the times higher education.

Sadly it got the half life of the cesium rather wrong, a series of different cesium isotopes can be released in a reactor accident.

The cesium-136 has a very short half life

The cesium-134 has a half life of two years while the half life of cesium-137 is about thirty years.

The half life of cesium-135 is very long, but the activity in terms of radioactive events per second, minute, hour or day is very low when compared with the other cesiums.

I have to point out some good news, depending on farming methods and what is being grown the transfer of cesium isotopes into food is not always efficient. Sadly cesium has already got into beef due to the use of contaminated animal food. Search the rest of my blog for details on cesium, soil and farming + other topics.

I do not know how well cesium will transfer into peaches, it is important to distingish between two routes. This year radioactive dust and rain will have landed directly onto the tree. But in future years the cesium in the fruit is likely to be also via the uptake of cesium through the root system of the tree.


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