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Dear reader,

I am making a post which I never imagined I would ever make, and in retrospect I hoped that I would never have to make. It is about two things in different places which I find morally disgusting.

1. The violent events in Norway.

I am disgusted and saddened by the mass killings which occurred on friday 22nd July 2011.

While I can understand but never condone an attack on a government building by a person with a political grievance the deliberate large scale killing of a group of children and teenagers is a disgusting act which I am unable to understand.

I have checked and Norway does not have the death penalty, but I hold the view that a swift exit from this mortal plane is an easy way out for the person or persons who have done this vile act. While the police in Norway have arrested a man for legal reasons I do not want to make any claim that he is guilty as even the worst offender is entitled to a fair trial.

When the legal system in Norway has clearly identified the person (or persons) responsible and finished the trial I think that the only sentence which is correct is life in prison with no hope of release. If the court is required to set a fixed term for the crime, then I hold a view that the term should be ten or twenty years for each count of murder. This would give a term of at least 800 years which is greater than any man’s life expectancy.

Within jail those responsible for the crime should be kept alive, efforts should be made to make sure that another inmate does not “execute” the vile offender. Also the vile wretch(s) should be under close supervision to make sure that they do not obtain the means to kill themselves.

I wish to condemn the violent events of friday in the strongest terms possible, and I feel very sad for those injured or killed and their families and friends. I have a 18 year old stepdaughter who is off on holiday right now, many of those hurt on the island were young people who were off on a holiday.

2. The second things which irks me is the conduct of the Murdoch news company. My wife has pointed out to me that a google thing exists which will help to sanitize your web surfing experience by blocking access to all Murdoch web sites.


What troubles me is the way in which the newspaper group have used “phone hacking” to obtain information about a range of people including a teenage girl who was murdered.


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