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Digusted part II

Dear Reader,

It is thought that the person responsible for the vile slaying in Norway has been identified, part of me wants this vile wretch to be forced to explain himself in court. But if he did it to make a political statement then I feel that something should be done to deny him the chance to have his big day in court.

The misuse of a police uniform makes the crime even more disgusting.

I think that the case should be partly held in camera to prevent it becoming a soap box for this man.

I hold the view that after the perpetrator is sent to prison that we should consider making a point of trying to forget them, the jewish term Yemach Shemo is not to be used lightly. From one Rabbi’s writing this phrase is not to be used lightly. But in this case the gravity of the outrage is such that I think that we should consider if this person’s name and memory should be obliterated.

I think that care should be taken to avoid giving this man a place in history, while we will have to record the event in our history books we should try to avoid giving the perpetrator his big day and a place in the history books.

I think that in Jail the perpetrator should be banned from contacting the media or writing about what he has done.

Maybe when possible society should do what the British did with the house of horror which Fred West lived at, this house was erased. I think that when the objects associated with the outrage no longer have a value to the legal system as evidence that they should be destroyed or disposed of in such a way that no one will ever know of their connection to the vile crime.


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