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Bad idea for a car

Dear Reader, I am aware that someone many years ago had the idea of a nuclear powered car. I may consider the problem of what sort of fission reactor would be least bad for use in a car. But I will save that consideration of reactor designs for another day.

The greater problem I see is how people would behave towards the car. When I was a young man with my first car I sometimes used to go to see the mechanic (Ray) who had been tending Foreman family cars for decades. He was always considered as a good friend of the family, he was the honest motor mechanic who fixed our cars when they broke.

Now I imagine that most reasonable men and women when their car breaks in some serious way would go in search of a man like Ray, Ray would then fix the car using his skill, judgement and workshop of tools.

Now imagine 300 years into a future where a descendant of Ray tends nuclear powered cars, I imagine that this motor mechanic would have a very different set of tools to those which Ray used to fix petrol cars in the 20th century. I imagine that this future mechanic would have a set of long tongs for grabbing radioactive objects, a well shielded enclosure (equipped with master slave arms), a refueling machine for changing the fuel on reactors and some means of dealing with the used fuel.

The great problem would be that the majority of drivers would if the “visit an expert reactor mechanic” light came on would contact their dealer or the local trained reactor mechanic. The problem would be that 1 % (or less) of drivers would try to fix it in a car park, beside a road, in an alleyway or their own garage. Some of these weekend mechanic would be likely cause some radiological chaos, as a result for this reason alone it is not a good idea to allow nuclear powered cars to be marketed to the general public.

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