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Who will have to pay for the clean up in Japan

Dear Reader, I recently was sent a rather long comment on the blog entry on the way in which TEPCO are going to deal with the mess in Japan.

This person wrote,

“State supports TEPCO with money of the japanese people. Furure Compensation for vicitims will be paid by the people, not by TEPCO.”

In the ideal world TEPCO and the insurance company would have big pot of gold which would pay for everything. Unless they are able to get to the end of the rainbow I suspect that they may have difficulty in raising the funds required to put right all the damage which has happened since the earthquake.

The problem is in the real world a limit exists to the funds which any company has access to. If TEPCO was to go bankrupt next week, the clean up fund was to run out and the Japanese government / other organisations were to refuse to make any contribution towards the clean up, repair and compensation costs. Then things would get much worse. I have visions that unless the people of Japanare very charitable then those adversely affected by the accident would suffer greatly.

These accident affected persons in this worst case scenario would wallow in poverty. So to prevent this the Japanese tax payer might have to pay more tax. Then the government would have to take responsibility to pay compensation and for the clean up. Paying for a clean up after nuclear accident is a bit like having root cannel work done at the dentist, it is not nice. It is horrible, but failing to do it may result in something much worse happening.

So in the interests of social justice I think that someone other than TEPCO may have help pay to put things right.


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