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The flat earth post was no joke !

Dear Reader,

OK I did publish the comment about the round earth and the flat earth on April fools day, but it was no joke.

While the majority of people in the world think that the earth is round, it is important to consider why we think that the earth is round. I think that considering the question of the shape of the earth might seem trivial but it is a good way to train the mind.

I hold the view in science that it is important to create a hypothesis and then test it, this is based on the ideas of Karl Popper.

I discussed the way in which we can ‘prove’ the shape of the earth is one or the other over the coffee table with some of my coworkers, the final answer is not the most important thing. The more important thing is the way that you think of an experiment which proves if the earth is round or not.

I am still looking forward to reading my readers thoughts on how they would prove the shape of the earth.


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