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Don a hard hat or get away from my tower !

Well ladies and gentleman,

Yesterday a lot happened, I started the day in a somewhat outraged manner. I normally welcome comments about my blog but I noticed that one was a thinly disguised advert for a web site which offers sexual services. While I am perfectly willing to let anyone read my blog, I am not willing to allow some things to be advertised or associated with me. My message to courtesans and escorts is that they are perfectly welcome to read my blog as they have no more or less a right to read my blog than anyone else but they are not free to post links to advertise their business here.

I went off yesterday and did some work up the top of a radio mast, we needed to do woodwork to replace a very old floor which had rotted away. While we were working yesterday I insisted that we all either wore a hard hat or stayed well away from the base of the tower. My advice to all my readers is if you are near a man or woman (we are not sexist here) worked up the top of a tower or ladder then wear a hard hat. If you do not have any good reason to be near the work then move away.

 It was the 30th of october when we were working on the tower, we had to buy more chain. Before we went up the tower each man who was doing woodwork donned a wide safety belt which had at least two chains. Before you climb up the tower you put the belt on. It is important to keep at least one chain fixed to the tower at all times. Never fix to the ladder, always fix it to the stronger tower. Jokes echoed around the site that we should have worn our boiler suits and belts and gone trick or treating. I am sure that a bunch of men each sporting 1.5 m heavy chains would have given Mr or Miss Average a shock. But you will be glad to know that we did not go trick or treating in our safety belts.

The good news is that the top of the tower now has a good wood floor, the bad news is that we have not finished the repair work yet.


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