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The hapless man’s next misadventure

Ok I have had two people like the blog where I told the tale of the hapless man who woke up to discover that all organic chemicals had vanished from the earth. As people liked it I will do another one about the hapless man’s next bad day.

The man woke to the sound of his alarm clock, he stepped out of his bed and put on a dressing gown and his slippers. Over a year had gone since the dire event in a small town in Västra Götaland when organic chemistry went haywire for the day. The householders had cleaned up the mess, the local builder had repaired houses, the insurance companies had paid up and then increased the price of car and house insurance. Now everybody was happy again.

The man went into his living room to look at the oil painting his wife was working on as part of her art therapy (to help her get over being poked by nasty springs) and he then saw that something was wrong. The colours of the painting were not right, some colours were still there but some of the other colours were now missing.

The man looked at his slippers and they were still the same colour as yesterday so it was not colour which had gone wrong. The man then thought that perhaps his eyes were not working quite right and it was time to go back to the opticians at Trollhatten to get his eyes checked and measured for a new set of glasses.

The man thought it was time to brush his teeth so he walked into the bathroom and he was shocked. The tiles were all white, he had spent a small fortune on exotic hand-made coloured tiles from a collective of modern artists who live in a disused warehouse in Paris. But the fancy tiles were plain white, he thought “who has done this to my bathroom ?”.

Still he was not put off, and he grabbed his tooth-brush and gave his teeth a clean. He noticed that the porcelain crown which was fitted to his teeth by Dr Drillandfill was now pale and the wrong colour. Then the man thought that something odd is going on or am I dreaming.

He was shaken out of his trace like state by his wife yelling and cussing. She was not a happy woman. She yelled “These is not my glasses ! Where are my glasses ?”.

His wife was waving a pair of glasses with clear colourless gem stones on them which she had found on her bed side table. Her glasses had pink gems. She then exploded and demanded “Is this one of your jokes hiding my expensive glasses ?”. The man protested his innocence and begged his wife please do not get angry at me. He ran to the kitchen as his wife yelled at him now demanding to know who had messed with her oil painting.

Then he saw the beer bottle on the work top was no longer brown it was clear glass.

At this point the man said to his wife “please stay calm, there is something wrong with chemistry again in this part of Sweden”. She put on the strange glasses and found that they suited her eyes perfectly. The two of them looked out the window at the town which was now in a state of uproar. Then his wife took his hand and said “Oh please can we move to Göteborg, the house prices are higher but at least their chemistry does not play cruel tricks on the locals there”.

OK the man is having a horrible day, things are not going well for him and his wife. Last time you were told what went wrong, this time you need to try to work out why things like some pigments in the oil painting, the dental crown, the rubys on his wife’s POSH glasses, the beer bottle and the fancy tiles have gone colourless while the organic dye in the slippers are unchanged.

So when you think you have worked out what thing in chemistry went wrong, please state what it is in a comment. I will give out the correct answer in a while.


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